Ongoing talks between China and India have failed

Modi govt raises high alert on Ladakh front

Ongoing talks between China and India have failed

New Delhi: The ongoing talks between China and India have failed. According to details, the situation between China and India has become tense. At least 20 Indian soldiers have been killed in clashes with Chinese troops. The soldiers include a colonel. According to the British media, India has suffered a lot during the clashes with the Chinese army in Ladakh.

At present, 34 Indian soldiers are also missing. It was further reported that clashes broke out between Chinese and Indian troops in Ladakh on Monday night. Importantly, it is claimed that not a single shot was fired during the clashes. Soldiers on both sides pelted each other with stones.

Subsequent high-level talks between the two countries have failed.

The Modi government has placed its forces on high alert after being defeated by China on the Ladakh front. Negotiations between the two countries' forces have failed. India has placed its naval, naval and air forces on high alert. A cup of tea was also seen during the talks between the two countries.
It may be recalled that a statement was issued by the Chinese military spokesman after the latest clashes and killings between Chinese and Indian troops in Ladakh. A spokesman for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) gave details of the clashes in the border area between China and India. Colonel Zhan Shui said that some issues had been settled in the recent talks between the military officials of the two countries.

However, then the Indian troops broke their promise, violated the border and deliberately launched provocative attacks. These actions of the Indian Army resulted in fierce clashes and India suffered casualties. He said that India should stop its actions. The Indian army should stop the provocation and talk to the Chinese army on the border and come to the right path.

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